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Black Bean Fail

I burned an entire crock pot full of beans. They smell AWFUL. I accidentally had the slow cooker on high instead of low for the soak I do for beans. This puts a damper on chili tonight — so canned beans to the rescue!

Our garden is obviously nearly gone but I had enough cherry tomatoes to make stewed tomatoes for the chili. I threw in a bit of fresh garlic clove for flavor, sauteed 1/2 of a large onion in some olive oil, added the beans and my stewed tomatoes and some vegetarian “beef” crumbles. This is an easy vegan meal. We don’t eat vegan or vegetarian all the time, of course, but we do try to limit meat consumption.


Generous portions of chili powder, cayenne pepper, powdered garlic (we love garlic!), a bit of black pepper, salt — all to taste. I would give you measurements, but I just sort of look at the portion size and adjust for taste.

We’ll eat it with some tortilla chips tonight.