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Finally! A Gluten-Free Bread Recipe for the Bread Machine (that you want to eat)!

I’ve tried a few times to make gluten free baked goods. Let’s just say most of them elicit a polite “Good try.” from my family as they discreetly place the offensive food in the trash…or give it to the dogs.  It makes me sad because I’m actually a great bread maker.. well, a great baker in general, minus fancy cakes. Plus, my husband has to be missing bread by now — he has been seriously committed to being gluten free for over a month.

So, I am very grateful to have found this recipe:

I have a hard time following recipes exactly. I’m a substituter. Yes, I know that’s not really a word, but it describes me. Therefore, for this recipe, I didn’t use potato starch or powdered milk. I used a bit more water and a bit of garbanzo bean flour and olive oil instead of canola. The rest was followed exactly… and I used about 2 tbsp of yeast. I don’t have a GF setting on my bread machine, so I did the standard whole grain loaf for 4 hours.

It smelled delicious baking. I was almost afraid to open  the machine and see what I normally see from my GF attempts- some sad, soggy, rubbery piece of yuck. Here’s what it looks like!

Let’s hope my husband thinks it’s tasty! It’ll be served tonight along side a slow cooker of potato soup and a fresh salad.



Grocery Shopping at Earth Fare

This morning some doula clients of mine gave me a $40 gift card to Earth Fare, which is just about the perfect gift anyone could give me. (Thanks B and H!) I had already planned to go grocery shopping today, so I headed to the Turkey Creek location of Earth Fare with plans to try to stay close to the amount of the gift card for my total expenditure.

Nope. I went over by more than double.

It’s ok, though. I came home with 3 lbs of natural, free-range, antibiotic/hormone free chicken thighs and legs for less than $5. I got 2 lbs of natural ground beef, which will be made into meatloaf tonight, along with the organic asparagus.

Other items I purchased:

Organic eggplant
Organic bananas
Organic green onions
Feta cheese
2 things of Tofu
2 Cartons of Almond Milk
2 Cartons of Kefir (oh, I love Kefir!)
2 boxes of Earth Fare’s brand of shells and cheese
2 cans of tahini (hummus, anyone?)
3 types of vitamins/supplements (one is a liquid calcium/magnesium/zinc/vit D/potassium blend in liquid form)

So while the total bill was $92.00, I really feel I got my money’s worth to get healthy food plus some supplements we needed. I’ll just try to go easier on the rest of the food budget for the month. I can’t wait to make something eggplanty and delicious.

Whole Wheat Pasta Casserole

Yesterday I made my “famous” chicken and dumplings for dinner (I’ll share the recipe at a later time). In order to make this, I get a small whole chicken and boil it in a large stockpot as the base for the chicken and dumplings. Then I take the carcass and immediately put it in the slow cooker (couldn’t imagine life without my slow cooker) and fill it with water. 24 hours later, I have this:


Gorgeous, beautiful, homemade chicken broth. Imagine how much use you can get from one small chicken!  Part of it was used in tonight’s dinner. I had bought a box of whole wheat rotini pasta from Big Lots ( a good place to score random gourmet food items) for $1. I began boiling the pasta and sauteed some onions and chicken sausage together. When the pasta was finished, I put it in my favorite casserole dish, spread the onions and sausage in, then added fresh kale, frozen corn, and olive oil, garlic, and a spice for use on grilled chicken. I grated some Sharp Cheddar cheese on top — and then ladled a few ladles of my fresh chicken broth into the dish. This is how it looked before it went into the oven.

I baked it on 350* for about 30-40 minutes. It was delicious. The chicken sausage could have been a little spicier, in my opinion, but it’s what I had in the freezer from a previous purchase from Angel Food Ministries.