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I’ve just been in love with Pinterest lately. Rather than only spend time on there looking at all the great ideas, I really want to be sure I’m making some of the fantastic food and crafts. While we were having our house worked on this week, I took the opportunity to make a few things.

Recycled/upcycled tee shirt headbands:

I just love the green!

I also went a little crazy making braided bracelets out of recycled shirts. They weren’t all tee shirt material, so the textures are different.

These particular ones have a Hawaiian shirt cut up into them.. a very beachy feel. I’m looking forward to making some more cool things!

Fall and Yarn (and food)

It’s so beautiful out in East TN!

Today I sat on my patio and crocheted a scarf and hat

I don’t use patterns for the scarves and hats I make.. I just pick some yarn and let inspiration take over.

While I crocheted these items, I made a ground beef and vegetable soup:

Brown 1/2 lb ground beef, add chopped onions until cooked. 3-4 small potatoes sliced, 1 and 1/2 cups of spinach, and a maybe 1/2 C of lentils, add water, cook until all items are cooked. I added salt, pepper, and garlic for spices — YUM!

I also used my bread machine to make Raisin/Cherry bread and mixed up some vanilla almond milk and confectioner’s sugar for icing. Wouldn’t it be great if bread machines could make more than one loaf at a time?