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Finally! A Gluten-Free Bread Recipe for the Bread Machine (that you want to eat)!

I’ve tried a few times to make gluten free baked goods. Let’s just say most of them elicit a polite “Good try.” from my family as they discreetly place the offensive food in the trash…or give it to the dogs.  It makes me sad because I’m actually a great bread maker.. well, a great baker in general, minus fancy cakes. Plus, my husband has to be missing bread by now — he has been seriously committed to being gluten free for over a month.

So, I am very grateful to have found this recipe:

I have a hard time following recipes exactly. I’m a substituter. Yes, I know that’s not really a word, but it describes me. Therefore, for this recipe, I didn’t use potato starch or powdered milk. I used a bit more water and a bit of garbanzo bean flour and olive oil instead of canola. The rest was followed exactly… and I used about 2 tbsp of yeast. I don’t have a GF setting on my bread machine, so I did the standard whole grain loaf for 4 hours.

It smelled delicious baking. I was almost afraid to open  the machine and see what I normally see from my GF attempts- some sad, soggy, rubbery piece of yuck. Here’s what it looks like!

Let’s hope my husband thinks it’s tasty! It’ll be served tonight along side a slow cooker of potato soup and a fresh salad.



Black Bean Fail

I burned an entire crock pot full of beans. They smell AWFUL. I accidentally had the slow cooker on high instead of low for the soak I do for beans. This puts a damper on chili tonight — so canned beans to the rescue!

Our garden is obviously nearly gone but I had enough cherry tomatoes to make stewed tomatoes for the chili. I threw in a bit of fresh garlic clove for flavor, sauteed 1/2 of a large onion in some olive oil, added the beans and my stewed tomatoes and some vegetarian “beef” crumbles. This is an easy vegan meal. We don’t eat vegan or vegetarian all the time, of course, but we do try to limit meat consumption.


Generous portions of chili powder, cayenne pepper, powdered garlic (we love garlic!), a bit of black pepper, salt — all to taste. I would give you measurements, but I just sort of look at the portion size and adjust for taste.

We’ll eat it with some tortilla chips tonight.

Fall and Yarn (and food)

It’s so beautiful out in East TN!

Today I sat on my patio and crocheted a scarf and hat

I don’t use patterns for the scarves and hats I make.. I just pick some yarn and let inspiration take over.

While I crocheted these items, I made a ground beef and vegetable soup:

Brown 1/2 lb ground beef, add chopped onions until cooked. 3-4 small potatoes sliced, 1 and 1/2 cups of spinach, and a maybe 1/2 C of lentils, add water, cook until all items are cooked. I added salt, pepper, and garlic for spices — YUM!

I also used my bread machine to make Raisin/Cherry bread and mixed up some vanilla almond milk and confectioner’s sugar for icing. Wouldn’t it be great if bread machines could make more than one loaf at a time?

Grocery Shopping at Earth Fare

This morning some doula clients of mine gave me a $40 gift card to Earth Fare, which is just about the perfect gift anyone could give me. (Thanks B and H!) I had already planned to go grocery shopping today, so I headed to the Turkey Creek location of Earth Fare with plans to try to stay close to the amount of the gift card for my total expenditure.

Nope. I went over by more than double.

It’s ok, though. I came home with 3 lbs of natural, free-range, antibiotic/hormone free chicken thighs and legs for less than $5. I got 2 lbs of natural ground beef, which will be made into meatloaf tonight, along with the organic asparagus.

Other items I purchased:

Organic eggplant
Organic bananas
Organic green onions
Feta cheese
2 things of Tofu
2 Cartons of Almond Milk
2 Cartons of Kefir (oh, I love Kefir!)
2 boxes of Earth Fare’s brand of shells and cheese
2 cans of tahini (hummus, anyone?)
3 types of vitamins/supplements (one is a liquid calcium/magnesium/zinc/vit D/potassium blend in liquid form)

So while the total bill was $92.00, I really feel I got my money’s worth to get healthy food plus some supplements we needed. I’ll just try to go easier on the rest of the food budget for the month. I can’t wait to make something eggplanty and delicious.

Whole Wheat Pasta Casserole

Yesterday I made my “famous” chicken and dumplings for dinner (I’ll share the recipe at a later time). In order to make this, I get a small whole chicken and boil it in a large stockpot as the base for the chicken and dumplings. Then I take the carcass and immediately put it in the slow cooker (couldn’t imagine life without my slow cooker) and fill it with water. 24 hours later, I have this:


Gorgeous, beautiful, homemade chicken broth. Imagine how much use you can get from one small chicken!  Part of it was used in tonight’s dinner. I had bought a box of whole wheat rotini pasta from Big Lots ( a good place to score random gourmet food items) for $1. I began boiling the pasta and sauteed some onions and chicken sausage together. When the pasta was finished, I put it in my favorite casserole dish, spread the onions and sausage in, then added fresh kale, frozen corn, and olive oil, garlic, and a spice for use on grilled chicken. I grated some Sharp Cheddar cheese on top — and then ladled a few ladles of my fresh chicken broth into the dish. This is how it looked before it went into the oven.

I baked it on 350* for about 30-40 minutes. It was delicious. The chicken sausage could have been a little spicier, in my opinion, but it’s what I had in the freezer from a previous purchase from Angel Food Ministries.