I’m a Bad Blogger, but a Decent Farmer

So, it’s been a long time since I blogged and I apologize. When you hear some of the things we’ve done, though, I’m sure you will understand.

In April we mostly moved to the farm to be with my grandmother and mother. Moving was a big deal — it always is. I swear if I ever move again I am only taking my clothes. We had to move stuff just to be able to move our stuff in. We had an auction house come get a large truckload of items and auctioned it off. We had Haven House, a local domestic violence shelter, come out 3 times for donations. We sold a lot of our stuff or gave it away.

It was really stressful. Blending two homes and grieving at the same time is not exactly the best way to accomplish a move, but we did it and we survived.

We planted a garden. A nice, big garden with tomatoes, corn (that fizzled along with most of the nation’s), cucumbers, zucchini, lots of herbs, radishes, hot peppers, and cantaloupe! I am so excited about the cantaloupe.

We cleaned out some cars that had been sitting here for 15 years. This enabled us to get into parts of the barn that had been shut off for a really long time. I started posting things on Craigslist as architectural salvage and reclaimed barn wood and have had the most amazing response. Yesterday we took 900 pounds of metal to the salvage place. Owie. I’m sore. It feels great to have that gone, though.

We got 2 chickens and 2 goats. I love them. The hens are so cute and the friendliest I’ve seen. One is a Barred Rock and her name is Wilma. Betty is our Rhode Island Red. Something tried to eat Betty one night and she got a bit banged up so we made a new reinforced coop. They each lay an egg a day. The goats are Nubian and one is a nanny and her name is Prism. She has the prettiest eyes. The other one is a neutered boy and his name is Joe and he is such a little sweetheart.




On June 10th, we added a new puppy. Minnie is her name and I just ADORE HER. She is a mini-doxie and she made me smile through a really difficult time emotionally. She fits in like she’s always been here.


She’s not necessarily a rescue, like our other dogs, but she was being re-homed. Always adopt!

We did manage to take 2 little vacations. One was to Cullhowee, NC, to visit my cousins. That was just Derek and me for two days, but it was really fun at the 4th of July. The other was a family vacation to Charleston, SC. I will never drive to Florida again. We went to Folly Beach and all of us fell in love with the whole trip. I was very fortunate to have many friends offer to take care of our animals and Gran while we were gone!

We’ve also worked on repairing the house. It now has a new roof and gutters and even new wall/siding in a few areas. We have done so much work! Goat sheds and fences and chicken coops and gardens and hauling out trash and selling items.

Also, I hate ticks. Hate. Ticks. Thankfully our hens have gobbled up the ones around the house.

I miss Grampa. I wish he was here to help advise on some of this stuff. When I go out and clear trees and brush I think of him and appreciate all the hard work he put into this place.

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