Hello world!

Indeed, hello, world!

We are a family of three humans (two adults, one teen), and a full house of furry friends (four rescue dogs, two rescue cats, and a guinea pig). We strive to treat our earth respectfully, responsibly, and with love. We live in beautiful East TN in a modest home and enjoy frugal living, healthy eating, exercise, fresh air, animals, and time spent together.

After a recent guest post on Frugalissa Finds about our grocery budget of $150 per month, I have decided to blog a bit about some of our frugal ways, and maybe a few of our adventures! When I have time, I love to cook and decorate and be crafty (even though my crafting abilities are more experiments than artisan).

My name is Kimberly and I am a doula and a childbirth educator. Having spent 11 years witnessing the miracle of pregnancy and birth has taught me to trust the universe and believe in natural things, ways, and lifestyles. My husband, Derek, is a teacher currently not teaching after falling victim to our area school budgets. He works at a large, local company that manufactures homes. Our daughter is a high schooler.

We have four dogs, as I mentioned. Derek had one when I met him, a Cairn Terrier. I had two when we met, a Miniature Pinscher, and an Italian Greyhound. Shortly after our marriage in 2008 we took in a Jack Russell Terrier that my brother found lost in a live animal trap. A friend gave us two guinea pigs when her guinea pig she had just adopted turned up pregnant and had babies. Sadly, one of them lived only a year. In May of 2010 we adopted a kitten and an older cat from our local animal shelter. That’s our family, although we occasionally also have a snail terrarium, or a feral cat or two outside.

We have a large rain barrel and two compost bins (one for large items, one for smaller items). We have an organic garden and try to expand it a little each year. We live in a subdivision in a fairly urban area or else I would have some goats and chickens, too. We are always looking for more ways to be healthy, conscious, aware, and protective of the earth. There is more work to do, but it’s a start!


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